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Sophomore Classes

Freshman classes were about teaching dogs the foundation skills they need to be successful at learning manners and working with their owners. In sophomore level classes, we are now going to build on those foundation skills to start applying the skills to real-world issues that owners face with their dogs. The dogs will learn skills to hold and maintain stays with distractions, with owners at a distance and with various distractions. Dogs and owners will learn how to work on common issues such as jumping on owners and guests, counter-surfing, begging for food, door manners, walking with distractions, coming when called with distractions, sitting for petting, drop it, and manners with the leash coming on and off. These classes are fun classes that will help to build up those behaviors you have taught in the freshman level to real-world application. 

To be eligible for freshman classes, your dog must pass the freshman-level exam. To test out of the freshman level, you will need to register for a "Test Day".

Jack Russell Terrier dog running and jum
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