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Elite Pet Podcast with Melinda Schiller, CPDT-KA

Podcasts are an excellent way to get receive training information at a time that is convenient to you. You can listen to podcasts on your phone, tablet, or computer. The Elite Pet Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and Google Play. You can listen to whichever episodes seem most appealing to you or you can subscribe so new episodes will automatically download to your library when a new episode is released. 

The Elite Pet Podcast will cover a variety of training and behavior topics, different sports and activities for dogs, different types of breeds, as well as talk with experts in the dog training community. The Elite Pet Podcast is meant to not only be entertaining, but provide you an enriching deep dive into the world of dog training and dog behavior so you can have more tools in the toolbox for working with your dog. Again, make sure to subscribe and we hope you enjoy listening!

Episode 1: Enrichment

In today's episode, we will be talking all about enrichment: what it is, why it's important for our dogs, and some different types of enrichment you can be using to improve your dog's life as well as your own.

Episode 2: New Puppy & Dog Checklist

Bringing home a new puppy or dog can be very exciting, but it can also we a stressful time. Preparing for your new family member and having a plan in place can make that transition easier and more enjoyable for you, your family and your new canine addition. In this episode, we will go over some of the things you can do to prepare as well as different things you will want to consider when bringing home your new puppy or dog.

Episode 3: Dock Diving with Steve Mize

In this episode we will be talking with Steve Mize of North America Diving Dogs (NADD) about the fun sport of dock diving! We will go over what it is, which dogs would be great for the sport, how to get started, and how to plan for the next dock diving event with your dog. 

Episode 4: Meet the Breed - Australian Shepherds with Terri Rein
Episode 5: Barking at the Door
Episode 6: Social, Civil & Savvy with Laura VanArendonk Baugh, CPDT-KA, KPACTP

In this episode we will be talking all about Australian Shepherds with our guest, Terri Rein. Terri has owned and competed with Australian Shepherds, also known as Aussies, for 20 years and we will be taking a deep dive into some of the qualities and areas to consider with Australian Shepherds. While every dog is an individual, if you own an Aussie, have an Aussie mix, or are considering owning an Australian Shepherd, it is great to get an idea of what generalizations are associated with the breed and what things you should consider with these types of dogs. Enjoy!

Barking at the door is a common problem owners have with their dogs. Barking at the door can be obnoxious, but it can also be an issue that leads to other "naughty" behaviors such as the dog jumping and lunging at people once they come through the door because they are already reacting to the doorbell or the knock at the door. Today we will be discussing why dogs bark at the door, how to manage it, and tangible steps to solve this issue.

In today's episode we will be talking with Laura VanArendonk Baugh CPDT-KA KPACTP about her book "Social, Civil and Savvy". This is an excellent book that goes into all the details of how to socialize your puppy and get them started on the right track towards adulthood.

Episode 7: Muzzle Training
Episode 8: Dog Parkour with Abigail Curtis
Episode 9: Meet the Breed - English Springer Spaniels with Dr. Carol Rushing

Muzzle training is an important, yet often overlooked, skill to teach all dogs. In today's episode, we will cover the different uses for a muzzle which isn't just with aggressive dogs, how to fit a muzzle and where to get one, and how to train the dog to be comfortable wearing a muzzle.

In today's episode we will be talking with Abigail Curtis of the International Dog Parkour Association about the sport of dog parkour! This fun sport is a great activity for all dogs and owners and is a great way to get out there and do something with your dog!

In this episode we will be talking with Dr. Carol Rushing about all things English Springer Spaniel! Whether you already have a springer or springer mix, are considering getting one, or are just interested in learning more about this fun breed, this episode is for you! Join us as we discuss all things Springer!

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