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Personalized Training

You and your dog are unique and sometimes you need training that is tailored just to your needs! Our personalized training allows us to work with you one-on-one to focus on your specific needs and help you and your dog reach the goals you have set in an individualized training plan. If you have a constantly changing schedule and group classes just don't fit that schedule, this would be an option for you. If your dog wouldn't fair well in a group environment, this would be an option for you. If you have some more behavioral-related issues such as anxiety, aggression or reactivity, this would be the option for you. Our personal training options provide you with the most individualized training that will allow you and your dog to attain goals you have set and work at a pace that best suits you. Lessons can be scheduled as often as you and your dog need!

Personal Lesson Options

Personal Tutoring

If you are wanting some individualized attention outside of group classes, personal tutoring is a great option! We can help you fine-tune some of those areas you need more help with! If your dog is displaying some obnoxious bad habits you would like to work on, this would be a great option for you. If your dog does great everywhere else but once you go out in public it all goes out the window, this is a great option for you!

 If your dog struggles with distractions out in public, we can schedule field trips around Fayetteville to work with you and your dog!* (Does involve an extra fee)

Our personal lessons start out with an initial consult which is $140 for 45 minutes-1 hour to assess you and your dog's needs and begin working on an initial training plan. After an initial consult, we can schedule lessons based on how often you want to meet and schedule in advance.

  • Pricing: $140/hr or four 1-hour lessons for $550 (saves $10) in facility

  • Pricing: $145/hr or four 1-hour lessons for $570 (saves $10) if done off campus

Examples for personal lessons: loose leash walking, door dashing, recall, counter-surfing, jumping, tricks


Behavioral Coaching

If your dog has some behavior issues you need to work through, our certified professional dog trainer is here to help! Dogs with behavior issues require specialized attention and we can work with you to work on these delicate issues.

Our behavioral coaching starts out with an initial consult which is $150 for 45 minutes-1 hour to assess you and your dog's needs and issues and start working on a management plan and behavior modification plan. Because behavior issues can sometimes present as underlying medical issues as well, before the consult, you will need to meet with your veterinarian to conduct a physical exam as well as test bloodwork before we can begin. Please have the results with you at your first consultation. 

  • Pricing: $150/hr or four 1-hour lessons for $580* (save $20)​​​​

    • * with behavior issues, it may take more than four lessons to achieve the results you want, but this allows for you to purchase some lessons in bulk with discounted pricing.​

Examples for behavioral coaching: anxiety, fear issues, aggression, separation anxiety, leash reactivity, resource guarding, multi-dog household issues

If your dog has some basic training issues as well as behavioral issues, pricing is charged as behavioral coaching.

Distance Learning

Distance learning is great for owners that don't live in Fayetteville or Springdale, but still want to receive the best training in Northwest Arkansas! Distance learning allows you to work with a certified dog trainer online and receive the same quality coaching you would receive in-person. Distance learning relies on online communication as well as video coaching calls to help you and your dog achieve results. With distance working, we can work with basic manners and obedience issues or behavioral issues. 

  • Pricing: $100/hr or four 1-hour lessons for $390 (saves $10)

Ready to Get Started With Some Personalized Lessons?


Create your client profile first. If we do not have this information, we will not be able to schedule you for lessons or give our soonest availability we can work with you. It will also give us some basis before discussing your dog with you ahead of time if you have any other questions.

Here is the link: 

Contact Us

Once you have created your client profile, email us to schedule an appointment. Be sure to let us know which personal training option you are looking at. We conduct personal lessons Monday-Thursday during the day. If you have a preference for day of the week, please be sure to include that as well and we will try to accommodate that day to the best of our ability.

Here is our email:

Finalize Appointment

Once we agree on a time, we will email you an invoice for the personal training. Payment is required at time of scheduling in order to hold training times. If your scheduled time has not been paid for, we will not hold that training time for you. 

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