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Online Courses

Dog training is evolving. Online training courses provide you with a comprehensive training plan that allows you to truly work at a pace best suited for you and your dog. Training doesn't just happen in a classroom for an hour once a week; with online courses, you work with your dog when you are ready and from the comfort of your own home. When you are ready to take your skills out in public and work with distractions, we've got an app so you can take the lessons with you on the road. 

Elite Pet University Online

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Classes are 6 weeks long, but you get access to the courses for a full year. This will allow you to work at a pace that is best suited to you and your family. The courses provide detailed and comprehensive lesson plans with video you can watch as often as you would like so that you and your family can all be on the same page. Pricing for these courses is also the greatest value with the content available for a full year from enrollment. For those that want more "hands on" interaction with the instructor, you can check out the courses as a "Level 2" option where you also get access to a private Facebook group associated with that class so you can ask questions about the material, interact with classmates and see videos of them working with their dogs, as well as share video of you working with your dogs in this safe atmosphere where the instructor can provide you specific coaching and feedback on your training with your dog and the Level 2 option is also year-long access. 

The online courses are excellent for any skill level of human or dog and we are continuously adding more online courses on a variety of topics so you can get help with your dog in a variety of areas. 

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