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Group Classes

Our group classes are a fun way to train your dog! We offer a variety of group classes based on what your skill level and what your ultimate training goals are with your dog. Our classes are also unique in that they are set up for you to be successful! You can either take the class online so you can work at the comfort of your own home at your own pace or you can take it in person with the materials online and online support to help you throughout the week!

Currently, all of our group classes are currently full!

We recommend checking out online courses here: Online Classes

How do classes work?

Our 6 week classes are designed so you can learn to work with your dog successfully. Each week will build on the skills taught the previous week. You and your dog will attend each week at the same time for 6 weeks and on the last class, you will go through a training checkpoint to see if you and your dog are fluent enough with the skills to go into more advanced skills. 

All classes are taught using positive reinforcement methods. This means we will NEVER tell you to use a shock, choke or prong collar on your dog. Those methods are unnecessary and you can achieve great results with your dog without resorting to methods that cause pain and discomfort. We teach a variety of skills to you and your dog through games so the training is fun and you can learn to apply it to a variety of areas in your life. If you are ready to have fun with your dog and have a dog that listens to you, register for the classes you need below!

Registration is required before class starts:

To register for in-person group classes, you will need to do so online by clicking the button below. You will create a client profile and once you have a profile, you will be able to sign up for classes. When you register, payment is due at time of registration. If your class is not paid for, your registration will be cancelled and you will not have a space in class. Due to the demand for classes, it is strongly advised to get signed up as soon as you can and make sure you pay right when you sign up so you can guarantee a spot in your desired class. 

In-person group classes are for friendly dogs looking at learning some basic manners and obedience as well as fun new skills an sports as you and the dog accelerate through training. If you have a dog that is aggressive, reactive, or extremely fearful, then group classes are not what you need; you will need to look at our personal lessons. If you have a dog that barks at other dogs or people, then group classes are not for you and you will need to look at personal lessons to work on that issue first; it is unfair for one dog to disrupt everyone else's training. If you want to work on these beginner skills without private lessons, you can take the classes as an online-only student to work through the skills outside of a group class environment.

Dogs must be current on vaccinations for rabies, distemper/parvo and bordetella to attend classes. Bordetella must have been given within 6 months. If you attend dog shows or have a dog that attends sporting events or dog shows, you must also present proof of the canine influenza vaccine. Dogs must be free of any internal or external parasites including fleas, ticks, or any kind of worms (roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms, etc). The dog must have been in your home for at least 1 week before attending group classes and must have received a clean bill of health from your veterinarian. To show a clean bill of health and proof of vaccines, either email a copy of your vaccines within 24 hours of your class starting to or bring a copy for us to keep at your first class. If you forget to bring your vaccines, you will not be admitted into class and no refunds will be given. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How old can my dog be to start training?

Puppy Kindergarten - 8 weeks old

Freshman - 20 weeks

Do dogs attend every class?

Dogs and puppies do not attend Puppy Kindergarten Orientations or Freshman Orientations. They attend all other classes.

What do I bring to class?

You will need to bring a regular collar or harness, regular leash, clicker, 3-5 different kinds of treats, treat pouch, dog toys, and a mat or bed if your dog needs a comfort spot in class. 

How old is too old to train a dog?

Dogs are never too old to learn new tricks! We have had 14 year old dogs in class before and they have done marvelous! 

Do I have to start at the freshman level if my dog already knows those skills?

We truly believe we have the best trainers. While you may have trained your dog on your own or taken classes elsewhere, we need our students to all be on the same page when it comes to training and skill level. However, we do run classes differently than everywhere else. Our classes are divided by skill level and topic. You will start in the freshman level but if it seems too easy, sign up for a test out day. You must get 100% to pass and if you do, you can go onto sophomore classes and so on. If you can't then you know which classes to take to help you achieve that skill set. 

Can my spouse, partner, or children attend class as well?

Your spouse, partner or significant other may attend class with you if they will also be working with the dog. Children can come if they can sit still, quietly for an hour. If your child cannot remain quiet and in a seat for 1 hour, we ask that they do not come. 

Can I just come to class or do I need to enroll in advance?

You must enroll for class before attending. Our classes are small and tend to fill up quickly. If you want to attend class, you must register and pay for class. If you have not paid for class, you do not have a spot in class. 

I want to earn my dog's Canine Good Citizen (CGC) title. Do you do that?

We have CGC evaluators and offer classes to help you earn your CGC as well as test days so you can test for your CGC. 

Do you train service dogs?

No we do not. Service dog training is more complex than can be covered in a group classes and not every dog is cut out to become a service dog. If you are a serious candidate for getting a service dog, check out Assistance Dogs International for all accredited trainers to help you.

What they say about our classes

"I have just completed the puppy elite training class with Melinda at Elite Pet Training and it was a game changer for me and my puppy. Combining that class with Day Academy, I could immediately see a difference in how my puppy acclimated to her new home. Melinda is so patient and knowledgeable; she makes the training experience a fun one for both me and my pup. Very quickly I saw how much Ziggy wanted to learn and loved her training. The biggest reward for me is seeing how happy and confident my puppy has become. I look forward to working with Melinda more at Elite level 1."

— Sarah M. & Ziggy (Rescue)

Puppy Kindergarten

Puppy Kindergarten classes are a great way for puppies to get started off on the right paw! Our classes are great for socialization, proactive training, and learning how to work through those pesky puppy problems! Puppy Kindergarten is for puppies 8 weeks old to 20 weeks old.


Freshman classes are for teaching your dog some basic manners and obedience in a safe and fun atmosphere. In this class, your dog will get started on the foundation behaviors needed to become an Elite Dog! This class is for dogs 5 months old and older that are friendly and ready to learn!


Sophomore classes are for dogs that have. completed our freshman level classes and have passed the freshman test. These classes take our foundation behaviors and start adding in distance, duration and distraction! We also start working on incorporating manners around other people, dogs, and how to handle our dogs out in public!


Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Elective classes are for those that have gotten some basic and want to have more fun and start earning some titles! Electives include our AKC Trick Dog classes, AKC Canine Good Citizen Preparation classes, and Rally Obedience Classes just to name a few! 

The Fine Print

All sales are final. We do not offer refunds for any services, used or unused, for any reason. If you do not use attend all of your classes, no refunds will be given for any reason. If you enrolled in a class you know you cannot attend, if you notify us via email ( 48 hours before that 6-week class is scheduled to begin, we can potentially remove that registration and put the class credit back on your account, but we make no guarantee and the credit will only be able to be used towards another future class. . Payment is required at time of registration. If you do not pay for the class or package when you register, your registration will be cancelled and you will not be guaranteed a spot in that class. 

Friendly dogs are permitted in class. If your dog is not friendly with other dogs and people, private lessons or online learning are recommendedIf your dog barks excessively in class, then you may be asked to be removed from classes. If you have purchased a package and it appears your dog is not ready for group classes, then we can apply the remaining balance to use for personal lessons or online learnings. Again, if you are unsure how your dog will do, please consult with the trainer in a personal lesson consult first and we can better assess how the dog may do in group classes.

We do our best to provide a safe and fun learning environment for our students and their dogs, but can make no guarantees about the intrinsic risks of attending any dog-related activities. We are not liable for any damage that occurs to you, your dog, your property or anyone else in attendance with you. Please keep your dog on leash at all times. Do not approach anyone else's dogs when in class unless directed to do so during training activities. If children will be in attendance, they must be able to sit still quietly for the entire duration of class and will not be permitted to interact with the other dogs unless directed to do so in certain training scenarios in some of the higher-level classes. If you have a child in class that is disruptive, you may be asked to leave class for the safety of the child and other dogs and their owners in class. If you are asked to leave because your child is disruptive, a refund or return of credit will not be permitted. 

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