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Freshman Classes

All good dogs start somewhere! Whether you want to have a competition performance dog or the world's best pet dog, we can help you! All dogs need to learn a solid foundation of the basics and our freshman classes are where to start! Begin with your freshman orientation and from there, you can pick and choose classes that best suit your specific needs! Struggling with loose leash walking? Check out Walking 101 and Walking 102! Struggling with a dog that steals food and jumps for everything? Check out Impulse Control 101! Have a dog that just needs to learn the basics of sit, down and stand? Check out Foundations 101 and Foundations 102!

We have classes to get you started on any of your goals with your dog! If you feel your dog can already do all of the skills for freshman levels well and you are ready for sophomore skills, sign up for a test day so you can test out of freshman classes and move on to sophomore level classes! 

All of our group classes for 2021 are currently full! We recommend checking out our online classes, which can be found here: ONLINE COURSES
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