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Welcome to Day Academy!

Not your average doggy daycare...

Welcome to your dream come true for doggy daycare! At Elite Pet University, we don't buy into the philosophy of just having a free-for-all play day for dogs. Dogs thrive on structure and receiving mental stimulation, as well as physical. From this new philosophy, Elite Day Academy was born! We have a new way to send your dog off to school, rather than just a doggy daycare. 

We created a curriculum so your dog can receive training during the day and still get to play with their friends. Our Day Academy Instructor works with your dog in a group of dogs and individually to work on their set curriculum for that month. If you are already training at home, we can help to reinforce what you are already working so hard on at home and if you are too busy to work with your dog, we do the heavy lifting for you! The dogs love and thrive in this fun atmosphere. They learn more each time they attend and they don't pick up bad habits from the other canine students like a regular daycare. Why leave your dog at home all day while you work, go to school, take care of the kids, or run errands? Bring your dog to Day Academy where your dog receives fun, focus and training and reap all the benefits at the end of the day when they come home!

Tell Me More!

Day Academy is not just about the dogs receiving training. Day Academy is the doggy daycare alternative where your dog can not only receive safe, structured play, but they also learn something and have fun with the training too. As dog trainers, we extensively study dogs and in seeing dogs interact with each other in public, at parks, and in other daycare facilities, we noticed many dogs do not play appropriately or don't have fully developed communication signals. Because of this, in our play groups, we teach dogs how to interact appropriately with each other, engage in safe and appropriate play, and how to communicate with each other. The difference between dogs in their first month in the program and dogs in their third month are drastically different! We also do group training where they can practice some of the skills they learned in an individualized setting in a distracting group setting. Your dog will learn how to work off-leash when their dog friends are playing around them and we don't need to use an aversive like a shock collar to do it either. We also focus on their basic manners such as sitting to go outside, polite leash hand-offs, being quiet in the crate, not trying to steal treats from other dogs, and how to ask politely for what they want rather than demanding it. We also deal extensively with their obedience such as sit, down and stand, impulse control, recall, target training, attention, and body handling. We keep our classes small: no more than 16 dogs in a class. Your dog will not be lost in a sea of dogs being watched by just one person. Your dog will get individualized attention with their training, play and health. We can tell you your dog's bathroom schedule and any oddities we notice and your dog's health is of utmost importance to us, physical and emotional. If you have trained your dog before, this program is excellent because it will emphasize what you've already worked on and your dog will still learn new skills and behaviors, while having fun with other dogs. If your dog has received little to no training, then let us jumpstart the training for you so you can still have an Elite Dog! No matter the skill or knowledge of the dog, as long as they like other dogs, Elite Day Academy is the program meant for your dog!

Individual and Group Training following their curriculum for the dog's grade


Dogs 40 lbs and over attend Mondays and Wednesdays, Dogs 40 lbs and under attend Tuesdays and Thursdays

Drop off is from 7:00 - 8:30 a.m. and pick up is from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Vaccinations required: rabies, distemper/parvo, bordetella and dogs need to be free of internal and external parasites

Age requirements: Puppies must be at least 12 weeks old, current on booster shots and following the booster shot schedule, and free of intestinal parasites

What to Bring: Dog's breakfast, treats the dog likes

Tuition: $320/month ($40/day) ;

                multi-dog discount $300/month/dog

Evaluation is required to enroll in program

Day Academy Info:

Contact us today to set up your dog's evaluation and join Day Academy!

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